Environmental and alimentary sustainability

We have created a system that reduces waste and pollution to a minimum because we firmly believe that

environmental protection always depends on the methods and efficiency of processing raw materials

In our internal processing, for fruit washing and cleaning the production line, only drinking water from the public mains supply is used.
Steam is generated using methane gas and the boilers are monitored for CO2 and NOx.
The company has its own waste purification plants with authorization for release into surface water.

Links with the local area

Links with the local area

Environmental sustainability is a vocation for the Gruppo ClubFruit, as can already be understood from the location of the Frubella and Capuzzo sites.

The Frubella plant is inside an ecologically protected area, alongside the largest apple production area in Poland. Within this zone any activities that generate pollution are forbidden by law, including the production of plastic materials or processes that pose a risk to health.

Capuzzo also has strong ties to the local area where the company is based: an immense green area a few kilometres from Verona and a traditional apple growing area.

The close proximity of these sites to the harvesting and production points reduces emissions deriving from logistics, limiting both air pollution and damage to fruit during transport.

The raw materials are produced in areas where biodiversity has been a longstanding constant, and alongside the orchards there is cultivation of frequently rotated cereal crops, vegetables, and even uncultivated areas (especially in Poland).

Our direct contacts with farmers make it easier to control the quality and varieties of incoming raw materials.

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