Frubella Processing Sp.Zo.o. was established in 2003 through the acquisition of an existing Italian capital company founded a few years earlier. The production site, constructed entirely from scratch, is located in a protected ecological area of more than 6 hectares, inside the largest apple production zone in Poland. The total covered floor surface of the entire site is around 20,000 sqm.

Frubella is an expert, highly professional company

producing semi-finished goods – canned, dried, infused, deep-frozen, pureed, etc. – always based on fruit and vegetable raw materials, creating products used in multiple sectors of the food industry worldwide.

Its significant size and high production capacity make Frubella an excellent partner for large multinational companies in the sector, while its internal flexibility also makes it very attractive for smaller operators.



Capuzzo is a historic Italian business founded in the 1960s and it was the first company in Italy to specialise in drying apples. Over the following years, the company became a European leader in the production and sale of organics, controlled products, and baby food. It also supplies some of the major European companies in the baby food sector. Located 30 km south of Verona, Capuzzo is in an area heavily cultivated for fruit, in particular apples and pears.

There has always been a vocation for organic fruit in this area

with a tradition of virtuous practices that characterise the entire region as regards quality of raw materials and food safety. Over the years, in addition to dried apples, Capuzzo developed the production of additive-free powdered fruits and purees, always taking the organic option, especially for baby food. Most recently, they have developed B2C production lines for fruit purees and preparations in cartons and pouches, along with the packaging of apple chips, rings, and segments in small single portions for the snack market.

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ClubFruit Group

In 2019, Frubella and Capuzzo were acquired by an investment fund and united to form the ClubFruit Group. The result was to reinforce the individual excellence, dynamism, and know-how of the two industrial companies.

ClubFruit Group brought new R&D resources

The new investments resulted in a production capacity capable of satisfying current and foreseeable market demands with a wide and substantial product range.

Gruppo ClubFruit’s strong points


Deep-freezing and preparation of fruit for subsequent industrial processing is conducted internally. The production sites are equipped with all the necessary facilities for product preparation, always starting from fresh fruit purchased directly from growers. There is a very extensive internal capacity of refrigeration cells for storing fruit and deep-frozen goods.

Computerised checking

Hi-tech equipment is used for checking impurities, colour, and sizing of the various semi-finished goods and syrups, with infusion management by continuous computerised control.

Dedicated plants

The static and continuous drying systems were exclusively designed for drying our infused products.

High technology

Hi-tech systems are applied for cutting finished products.

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