Fruit powders are particularly versatile products because they provide a concentrated form of fruit, which is easy to use, transport, and store in a warehouse. They have extremely low water contents (2%) providing an extended shelf life. In use, they can be rehydrated to recompose the original products, or used directly as they are in mixtures in diverse applications.

They are manufactured by processing fruit purees in cylindrical dryers. These enable production of the most highly valued 100% fruit powders, which means additive-free and with extremely low microbiological content.

Having 100% powders available means having safe, pure fruit ingredients without preservatives, starches, or flours. Our powders are produced at the Capuzzo site and are obtained exclusively from the dehydration of purees in cylindrical dryers. Starches, rice flour, malt dextrin, or flavours can be added but only on request from customers. These products are also widely used as natural colorants to replace synthetic artificial products.

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The process

The drying process is extremely rapid, less than a minute, ensuring that very little of the active constituents of the product are lost. The result is a thin film that crumbles into fine fruit flakes, of thicknesses that can to some extent be regulated. The flakes are often sold directly, for example for use in chocolate, or they can be subsequently ground up to produce genuine powders. Different granular dimensions can be created according to the grade of sieving requested by the customer.

Production is achieved using 4 drying units: three with double cylinders and one with a single cylinder.

Areas of application for fruit powders

Fine pastry

Baking industry

Pasta production

Chocolate sector


Ice cream


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Other products


Conventional, controlled, and organic dried products made from apples, yellow fruits, wild fruits, and vegetables. Osmotised and dehydrated fruit and vegetables. Red apple and wild fruit products, picked and prepared in the Verona apple orchards and in a protected ecological area in Poland, in harmony with nature.



Deep-frozen whole fruit, diced or frozen pureed fruit. Of special interest are the infused products that are subsequently frozen, known as “frozen infused”. Strawberries, wild fruits, cherries, and apples are deep-frozen using the IQF method to maintain maximum natural product quality and reduce wastage during storage.



The Frubella site in Poland produces thousands of tonnes of canned fruit every year. Black cherries, plums, apples, and red fruits are pasteurised and canned for large-scale distribution or industrial use.


Purees in aseptic packaging

These purees are made from fresh or frozen fruit, and are available in aseptic bags of 20 and 200 kg in cartons and drums (cylindrical or conical.) Capuzzo, with its state-of-the-art puree lines and concentration plants, produces purees in single strength or concentrate (up to 30 Brix) at varying degrees of refinement. The highest volume products are organic purees.