Pasteurised fruits

Frubella’s canned fruit production involves mostly black cherries and apples (in solid packs), along with a range of red fruits.

The black cherries are produced almost exclusively in the Lotowska and Oblaczinska varieties originating from the nearby orchards. During processing they are stoned and packaged in 3 Kg or 5 Kg (4.5 Kg net / 2.8 Kg drained) cans.
The most frequently used preserving liquid is water, but light syrups or clear fruit juices can also be used.
Packaging can be customized with the customer’s brand. Our sites have an extremely high production capacity, processing over 2500 tonnes of black cherries, and 1000 tonnes of sliced or diced apples per year.

The dried prunes in syrup are made from Stanley plums previously dried in tunnels with stones. They are packaged in cans.

Fruit compounds

Alongside canned pure fruit (simple, whole, or diced), the company also supply more highly processed products, generically defined as fruit based preparations.

This category includes a very wide range of products, having in common the inclusion in their formulations of fruit, sugar, water, starch, pectin, and other ingredients, like flavours and sometimes preservatives, in proportions that vary in each specific case. Industrial preserves can also be included in this category.

At the Frubella and Capuzzo sites, the main production involves black cherry and apple based preparations, which are very widely used in industrial pastry making, both as fillings for baked products before or after baking, and as toppings for cakes and doughnuts.
They are packaged in buckets of 3 Kg and 12 Kg, or in cans from 3 to 5 Kg. The percentage of fruit in chunks varies according to the customer’s requirements, but it is generally between 45% and 90%, while the sugar content is from 20% to 40%.

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Our products


Conventional, controlled, and organic dried products made from apples, yellow fruits, wild fruits, and vegetables. Osmotised and dehydrated fruit and vegetables. Red apple and wild fruit products, picked and prepared in the Verona apple orchards and in a protected ecological area in Poland, in harmony with nature.



Deep-frozen whole fruit, diced or frozen pureed fruit. Of special interest are the infused products that are subsequently frozen, known as “frozen infused”. Strawberries, wild fruits, cherries, and apples are deep-frozen using the IQF method to maintain maximum natural product quality and reduce wastage during storage.



Powdered fruit products obtained from the dehydration of fruit purees. These healthy ingredients are additive-free and extremely versatile, especially for pastries and baby products. 100% pure fruit powder is the most highly valued variety.


Purees in aseptic packaging

These purees are made from fresh or frozen fruit, and are available in aseptic bags of 20 and 200 kg in cartons and drums (cylindrical or conical.) Capuzzo, with its state-of-the-art puree lines and concentration plants, produces purees in single strength or concentrate (up to 30 Brix) at varying degrees of refinement. The highest volume products are organic purees.