Deep-frozen products

Our deep-frozen fruit processed in the Polish production plant comes from the surrounding area where there is a huge production of red fruits traditionally produced in the area where Frubella operates.

Normally and in order of quantity these include:
strawberries, black cherries, cultivated and wild blueberries, red and black currants, raspberries, chokeberries, red cherries, gooseberries, and elderberries along with a huge volume of green and pink rhubarb.

Some particular products include:

  • apples in segments or halved
  • osmotised and deep-frozen whole fruits
  • fruit purees deep-frozen in small cylinders of about 35 grams each

The latter product allows IQF method tunnel freezing of fruit purees. The freezing time is reduced to a few minutes, avoiding browning or, even worse, fermentation, which can occur when deep-freezing blocks (20 Kg) and in particular in drums (200 Kg).

Quality and innovation

The fruit is harvested manually to safeguard quality and originates from open orchards (not greenhouses) in the surrounding area. It is moved during the night to avoid exposure to high temperatures during transport. The fruit is immediately selected, washed, calibrated if necessary, and deep-frozen in tunnel conveyors using the IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) method and never in refrigeration cells.

There are 4 plants available, three with fluidised beds and one spiral for very delicate products. After deep-freezing the fruit is immediately stored in the site refrigeration cells. It is subsequently retrieved and prepared, always inside refrigeration cells, according to the customer’s specifications.
Three optical sorters with lamps and X-rays check colours and stones. Naturally, the products are only packaged after checking with metal detectors and magnets. The annual production is over 4000 tonnes.

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Our products


Conventional, controlled, and organic dried products made from apples, yellow fruits, wild fruits, and vegetables. Osmotised and dehydrated fruit and vegetables. Red apple and wild fruit products, picked and prepared in the Verona apple orchards and in a protected ecological area in Poland, in harmony with nature.



Powdered fruit products obtained from the dehydration of fruit purees. These healthy ingredients are additive-free and extremely versatile, especially for pastries and baby products. 100% pure fruit powder is the most highly valued variety.



The Frubella site in Poland produces thousands of tonnes of canned fruit every year. Black cherries, plums, apples, and red fruits are pasteurised and canned for large-scale distribution or industrial use.


Purees in aseptic packaging

These purees are made from fresh or frozen fruit, and are available in aseptic bags of 20 and 200 kg in cartons and drums (cylindrical or conical.) Capuzzo, with its state-of-the-art puree lines and concentration plants, produces purees in single strength or concentrate (up to 30 Brix) at varying degrees of refinement. The highest volume products are organic purees.